Our products are simple and so is our message; it’s never about who you love, it’s about how you show that love. And using protection is a perfect start. Be smart and protect yourself. And the ones you love.

Love who you love.™

When we see a wall, we blast a door.

We’re here to unwrap the bullshit associated with the current heteronormative condom industry. Our products have no gender or orientation. Safe sex is for everyone.

Change begins with a conversation. We want people talking about sex. Because we all do it, sometimes just a bit differently. Sex is about coming together, not breaking apart.

Otherwise you’re doing it wrong.

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Meet Joey.

While wading in a sea of latex, confused by the multitude of drugstore options, I generally felt disconnected from all of the current condom brands.

What product would best suit my needs? Ribbed? Studded? Heated and cooling sensations? A wall of overdone, unrealistic products backed by limited information and even more limited representation left me unsatisfied and disappointed. And I knew I wasn't the only one feeling this way.

That’s when I started Wednesday co.

To embrace equality. To celebrate inclusivity. To start conversations.

To love who we love.


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